Converge Consulting is a socially responsible company that actively supports and practices the principles of Employment Equity. Converge is a Level 4 Contributor. This provides our valued clients with a 100% BBBEE procurement recognition, which in turn, assists in their own BBBEE rating level. If you have any questions pertaining to our BBBEE certification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TRAINING AND MENTORSHIPConverge Consulting encourages and supports the ongoing professional development of staff through tertiary education institutions, technical training and CPD short courses 

We also mentor candidate engineers and offer in-service / internship training for engineering students and high school scholars. 


Converge Consulting believes in giving back to the community and supports charity organisations including the Sisanda Fundaytion, the Douglas Murray Home for the Aged and the Westlake United Church. We also initiate independent donations of time and other useful resources to the surrounding local community, such as supporting the efforts of the Cape Town Volunteer Wildfire Services.


Converge endeavours to apply environmentally conscious business practices e.g. to re-use, reduce and recycle its office paper and supplies, to save water, and also support animal conservation. 

05 September 2017
Maitland House Waiting Room Mural - Phase 1 in progress...

After the Converge Superhero Team spent the day at the Maitland Cottage Hospital on Mandela day this year, we returned for further work on the finer details. This is an update on the waiting room mural - phase 1 in progress.....

25 July 2017
Mandela Day 2017 - Maitland Cottage Hospital

The Converge Superhero Team spent the day at the Maitland Cottage Hospital, one of only two Paediatric Orthopaedic Hospitals in the Southern Hemisphere, repainting the waiting room, varnishing furniture, and most importantly spending time with the kids!

Thank you to the Maitland Cottage Hospital Team for all the great work they do. For more information about Maitland Cottage Hospital please visit:

06 April 2017
Converge Consulting trying to make a difference to those less fortunate...

Converge Consulting participated in a Sanitary Drive, organised by JellyJam Castles PTY LTD, for those individuals living on the streets of Cape Town and desperate for such products. We are honored to have been a part of such a worthwhile and humane initiative. Thank you JellyJam Castles PTY LTD for all the good you are doing for our city.

14 December 2016
Christmas Charity Drive for Ncedolwethu EduCare Centre

Converge Consulting spreading a little Christmas cheer to those less fortunate.

We as a company have a long-standing relationship with Ncedolwethu Edu-care Center and delivered 42 Santa Shoe Boxes for the children that the staff put together.

We had an incredibly humbling morning watching the children open their gifts. After much excitement, the children sang a few songs and Lizo said a few words.

We were extremely honored and privileged to have been able to spend the morning with these beautiful children.

Ncedolwethu Edu-care Center was established in 1994 by Florence Dodovu and is located in Mfuleni (near Blue Downs) in the Western Cape, South Africa. Florence currently has 9 children living with her that have been abandoned. 
She also runs an Edu-care Center for approximately 35 children from the neighbourhood (from 7 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays). Many of the children rely on the Center for their only meal of the day.

In addition, at least 15 additional older children who are at primary school in the morning attend the Center in the afternoons, again many of whom rely on the Center for their only daily meal.

30 November 2016
Hatch Charity Drive

Our recent charity drive, together with valued and generous clients, was for Hatch.

Hatch is a non-profit organisation that organised starter kits for new moms from underprivileged areas, giving them and their babies some of the essentials for those first few weeks that most people take for granted.

Each hatch bag contains a blanket, baby grow, vests, hat, socks, nappies, cotton wool, wipes, baby soap, aqueous cream, a soft toy, and sanitary pads for mom. Hopefully hatch can make it a little easier for mom and baby.

For more information on this incredible initiative, or to make a donation, please contact them on or visit their website

01 December 2015

This December Converge Consulting decided to spread the holiday cheer to an often overlooked  sector of our society, and make their Christmas donation to the Douglas Murray Home for the Aged. The Home is located in the suburb of Retreat and provides residential care to the elderly and frail on a 24/7 basis.
For more information visit 

17 August 2015
Madiba Day

We celebrated this Madiba Day by collecting blankets for the children at Lawrence House. A Child and Youth Care Centre that provides a special place of safety and care for abandoned and orphaned refugee children and unaccompanied foreign minors. We know the blankets will add a little warmth and colour in the cold winter weather. Thank you to the Lawrence House Team for all the great work they do. For more information about Lawrence House please visit: